New Dramaturgies

Moderator Maryanne Lynchwith Norie Neumark, PaulPrestipino, Sally Sussman,Rachael Swain & Chris Williams.

In the Dark: Breaking Through

‘Water‘ by Hackney Podcast – Francesca Panetta

‘That’s Democracy’ by The Truth – Jonathan Mitchell and Ed Herbstman

‘See How the Leaf People Run’ by Airplay – Michele Lee and Maryanne Lynch

‘Deja vu’ and ‘Les Balienes’ by ARTE radio – Silvain Gire

Independent and Community Radio Making: New Voices

Moderator Jesse Cox with Que Minh Luu, Fee Plumley, Eliza Sarlos, Shakthi Sivanathan & Mike Williams.


The Performed Documentary

Moderator Lea Redfern with Natalie Kestecher, Jaye Kranz, Noelle Janaczewska & Sherre Delys.

Story Circle: Collaborations with The Former Audience

Moderator Sherre DeLys with Elliot Bledsoe, Fee Plumley, Kyla Brettle, Caitlin NewtonBroad and Monique Potts.


Moderator Catherine Fargher with Teresa Crea, Christy Dena and Andrew Donovan.

The Legal Conundrum

Moderator Mike Ladd with Elliot Bledsoe, Ali Edwards, Brian Fitzgerald, Angela Keefe & Georgina Waite.

New Approaches to Storytelling… & How Do We Make It Into Radio?

Moderator Yana Taylor with Barbara Campbell, Christy Dena, Halcyon Macleod, Ricardo Peach & Melanie Tait.

ARTE Radio and the End of Appointment Listening

Virgina Madsen with Silvain Gire.

Making it Real: Conceptualising and Realising Stories Across Multiple Platforms

Moderator Fee Plumley with Nathan Anderson, Stephen Barrass, Robert Iolini, David Ogilvy and Katrina Sedgwick.

Talking Tech: Collaborating with Online Developers and Designers

Moderator Michelle Cotterill with Simon Chamers, Michela Ledwidge, Peter Marks and Francesca Panetta.


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